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Balanced Wealth Advisors specializes in assisting individuals, families and small businesses to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Our advisors have been successfully guiding clients for over 20 years. 

We help clients to plan for retirement, pay for college efficiently, minimize income taxes, and provide estate planning guidance. We approach investing with a no-nonsense attitude.

Each client’s situation is different and our role is to tailor an investment and financial plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Our aim is not put you into “Model A” or “Model B” plan.  

While that might be easier for us, proper financial planning and wealth management is not supposed to be easy. It should be suited to you and your family’s goals.  

Understand before you invest.

We have seen significant economic changes over the years.  Some of our strategies and methods have had to shift to accommodate these changing times.  However, here are a few principles you should understand about investing:

  • A sound strategy can, and often will, yield unsatisfactory short-term results.  (No investment strategy is right all the time, but we don’t want our clients to abandon a wise investment plan for the wrong reasons.)
  • Many times, the correct course is counter-intuitive.  
  • Many people forget about risk in up markets and ignore long-term planning in down markets.  We always remind them.
  • Don’t buy something simply because it has performed well in the past.  Don’t sell something just because it hasn’t performed well lately.  (An investment that is up today could be down tomorrow and vice-versa.)
  • All investments go up and down.  Understand that before you invest and be prepared for both to occur.  (We can help you develop a game plan.)
  • Architect Renzo Piano said “Architects spend an entire life with this unreasonable idea that you can fight against gravity.”  Just as architects have to use gravity to their advantage, we need to use the “gravity” of up and downs of the market to our advantage.  It is useless to fight the market’s downward forces, they are always going to be around; we have to use them to our advantage in our planning.

No two investors are the same. Balanced Wealth Advisors provides customized investment solutions for families and individuals. Contact us or call (603) 424-1892.