"The IRS web site is a surprisingly good site for questions regarding taxation. The U.S. Secret Service covers things like counterfeiting enforcement and cyber ransomware.

Social Security Administration site has the most updated information. Other web sites are often outdated."

-- Ed Hilston

"Charity Navigator is a useful site to check where my dollars can best help. Khan Academy is an excellent site for online learning for a variety of topics including SAT training. Investopedia is Wikipedia -- for investing.

I consider The New Wealth Management book the "Bible" of wealth management. I read this every few years. Finally, Asset Allocation Balancing Financial Risk is another good resource I read every few years."

-- Ed Hilston

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Knowledge and available information helps make well-rounded, informed decisions. Balanced Wealth Advisors offers this reference guide as an excellent resource to help individuals and families learn more about the financial investment landscape.

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"MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance, and Morningstar are great places to track the markets.

J.P.Morgan Guide To The Markets is a comprehensive source to markets and economic data.  It is updated quarterly and has been a place I review regularly.  This is probably my favorite resource.

Though not as good as J.P. Morgan, the John Hancock Investments Market Intelligence is a valuable resource."

-- Ed Hilston

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