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For many of our clients, we can help answer the following questions:

Which college(s) should my child (grandchild) consider?

How do we fill out a FAFSA form?

Our child/children graduated from college, can you have a talk with them?

Should we lease or buy our next car?

How do I help my elderly parents?

Does a home equity line of credit make sense for us?

Should we sell our house now or wait until later?

Which state should I reside in or retire to?

What should we do about Social Security, take it now or later?

I am retired, but I want to take my family on a trip.  Can I afford it?

Our clients are people who we care about.  Many of them are, or were, very successful professionals.  Most are highly intelligent and could do a fine job of handling their finances without us.  But, since they are highly intelligent, they understand the value of having a coach.  Someone with the emotional detachment and distance necessary to provide the proper perspective.  Even the best athletes in the world have coaches.  

As I said, we care, but we do not have the same emotional reaction that you do.  We provide the perspective of a seasoned professional when you need it, when you are just too close to the situation.  We can, of course, help you with your investments, as well as give advice about retirement, college, estate, and tax planning.  These are some of the services you can expect us to provide.  Yet, we’ll do so much more, if you’ll let us.

As you can see, we can help in many ways.  Things can move forward more smoothly with a coach; allowing you to focus on enjoying life.  Think of us as your personal financial coach. 

No two investors are the same. Balanced Wealth Advisors provides customized investment solutions for families and individuals. Contact us or call (603) 424-1892.